A Majalis for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

CURTAIN at SEATING ARTICLE IMAGE 2An interior designer’s creative talents are seldom limited to just interior design. Like an artist of any medium designers bring their life experience combined with their design education to the table to develop a design project. Joey Sequeira (a longtime friend of INSTUDIO interior design director Samuel Fleming Lewis) was in the process of re-designing a kitchen, developing furniture plans for another client when he met a third client.

To celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary the couple wished to transform their family room into a Majalis. (An Arabic term used to refer to a private place where guests are received and entertained.) During her formative years the American wife was taken by her parents to live in Saudi Arabia where she embraced the beauty and splendor of Arabian style and culture.

Joey viewed the couple’s traditional suburban home when he soon realized that the wife had amassed over the years a substantial collection of artistic camels, teapots and stunning objects from her Saudi Arabian visits. Joey who also has first had experience of this culture conceptualized the family room as an elegant tent filled with brass vessels and jewels. As a preview to the tent the wife’s camel collection would become a “camel park” outside the tent.

Joey soon drew up plans and sketches and shopped for authentic looking fabrics to bring his vision for the happy couple together. After his creative plans were approved he asked Samuel to help him realize his plans. The two designers created the tent and camel park in spontaneous design/creative sessions. He then taught the husband, daughter, daughter-in-law and grandsons to make furniture and add finishing touches. The creation of the Majalis became a family affair.

A beautiful indoor/outdoor 50th anniversary party was hosted. The rooms were so transformed that as longtime friends and family members walked into the tented space they just stopped and looked, at a loss for words. Permanent or temporary themes with personal meaning can transform an ordinary living space into a breathtaking experience. This is the creative power of interior design! INSTUDIO collaborated with Joey Sequeira to materialize a special place for a memorable day.

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