Interior Design Budgets

Design Budget ARTICLE IMAGE copySmall or large design project, most are reluctant to talk about their design budget with interior designers. INSTUDIO interior Design Directors Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder often find that clients are vague on the actual budget to furnish a room. Any design budget provides clarity allowing the designer to match services and furnishings with what a client can realistically afford.

The same amount of furniture pieces for an average sized living room can range from as little as $3,000.00 or as much as $75,000.00. Samuel and Stephen developed furniture style sheets for a Small Budget Room at $3,200.00, a Medium Budget Room at $21,325.00 and a Large Budget Room for $67,700.00. Three similar looks were achieved through creative sourcing.

The small budget room may be for a first apartment or home. Everything is new. Key pieces are from IKEA. A combination of modernist reproduction furniture, custom printed canvas art, good accessories, and online sourcing gives the room individual personality while keeping it from looking like a one stop shopping trip to IKEA.

The medium budget room is for established persons who have cultivated their taste and style over time. Contemporary furnishings including modernist classics and a unique vintage piece are paired with original contemporary art. Stylish American & European lighting complements the furniture and original works of art. This combination is tailored to the individuals.

The large budget room is assembled for the purist who not only knows his/her self but also knows and loves mid century furniture designs. Each piece of furniture is researched for providence. There may be restorations but no reproduction furniture within this collection. The room exudes a timeless luxury that creates the perfect backdrop for contemporary art.

The three Living Rooms are very much the same in style and spirit yet very different because of budget. A design budget gives you the benefit of getting the best that you can afford wherever your stage in life.

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