The Fundamental Furniture Plan

FURNITURE PLAN ARTICLE IMAGEFirst only seen in design or decoration magazines and books, interior design has become a celebrity in itself. Interior design is now featured on television as “do it yourself” programs, reality shows and competitions. Global interior design is accessible at our fingertips whenever we want to see it through mobile devices or computers. On websites designers, bloggers and design aficionados along with furniture, finish and textile brands all compete for our attention with stylish rooms or furnishings. We tend to look at the beauty of a room as seen in color palettes or interesting furnishings but not the humble furniture plan.

Architectural and furniture plans are the true stars of any style of design. The Fundamental Furniture Plan is the first thing that designers propose to clients and the foundation of all interior design. Whether the plan is sketched on a napkin, developed by walking through a home, presented by a hand or computer drawing it’s the first thing that should be considered when developing interior design.

INSTUDIO Design Directors Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder repeat, “It starts with a plan”, to all types of clients. A couple with two young sons hired INSTUDIO weeks before moving into their first home. They wanted to creatively use most of their existing furniture in a small house with a quirky plan. The designers first asked about their family routines and created two sets of furniture plans. One furniture plan showed the house “as is”. One furniture plan removed and added a few walls which opened the family space. Even though an immediate renovation wasn’t in their budget the couple hired a contractor to get a plan that suited their needs before moving in.

Any type of space can be defined or changed by furniture placement that considers how you want to live. INSTUDIO has transformed lofts, city high-rise condominiums, apartments, flats, suburban homes, mansions, bungalows and studios with innovative furniture plans combined with designs developed for their client’s personal style. After all…“It starts with a plan”.

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