Making Modern Golden Moments

GOLD ARTICLE IMAGEEarly in 2014 when Samuel Fleming Lewis & Stephen Kladder of INSTUDIO suggested the use of a simple large golden colored polished brass hoop as a piece of sculpture on a fireplace mantle in a contemporary living room their client questioned the choice. Her first comment was she thought she shouldn’t use gold with the silver tones of her contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories. The designers assured her that it would be fine. They told her to think of the golden tone as a color rather than a rule. With that advice, she purchased the hoop and thought it was the perfect accent to her room.

This fall, 2014, gold is back in a big way as a contemporary interior design trend. The gold rush is on with hues ranging from pale to deep rich tones. Golden finishes include polished, brushed satin, hammered and antiqued. The gold is made of brass, composites and even real gold plating. Golden tones are appearing as large contemporary furnishings, lighting and accessories. Gold is often paired with crisp whites or grays to give it a cool new look.

The last time gold and brass was this popular in new designs was in the 1970’s. Before, and since the 70’s, golden tones have been relegated to traditional settings or as bohemian global import design accessories. Interior design often follows trends. Manufacturers and product designers now have their eyes on gold. In the new modern forms gold adds warmth to rooms. Think of golden tones as colors rather than mentally associating it with the stuff your parents or grandparents may have owned.

As artists and interior designers Samuel & Stephen resist following trends. That being said, the two designers like the new gold’s fashion forward forms as well as the range of colors and finishes. To avoid the overkill of trend Lewis & Kladder suggest minimizing your golden assets to accessories, small furnishings and pieces you really like that will withstand the test of time.

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