Samuel Fleming Lewis ART

SFL ART ARTICLE IMAGESamuel Fleming Lewis is a multi-talented creative who works equally as an exhibiting artist, interior designer, manual draftsman, craftsman, interior architect and furniture designer all while being partner of the San Francisco art based design firm INSTUDIO.

Samuel’s new website is entirely devoted to his art work including his contemporary geometric drawings, prints, collages, illustrations, mixed media works, paintings, craft and furniture designs.

After carving and printing 144 small African inspired linoleum block prints two years ago Lewis has been engaged in a personal renaissance of sorts. His prints have influenced an invigorated creative flow. Lewis has been prolific with new paintings, drawings and mixed media works which re-conceives the motifs of his 12 series of 12 prints.

THE 2008 CANDIDATE is Samuel’s Historic Installation Piece of 28 mixed media works created prior to and inspired by the 2008 presidential elections. Just before the elections the works were exhibited just once in a San Francisco neighborhood gallery for a short window of time. The 28 works have been in storage since then. The Historic Installation Piece has been selected for exhibit at ArtPrize 2014 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

ArtPrize is an international art competition now in its fifth year. The free event has a global following intriguing to both the art world and the general public. Grand Rapids is transformed into a “Grand Gallery” as every inch of the once sleepy downtown becomes an active art fueled space where anyone can find a voice in the conversation about what art is and why it matters from September 24, to October 12, 2014.

Samuel’s new website shows his breadth of talents. If you can’t visit Artprize to vote on his work (VOTE 56440 visit his website to see the full range of media, styles and creativity.

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