L&K DISPERSPECTIVES ARTICLE IMAGE SQ AMPArtist Stephen Kladder invented a word to describe his newest series of paintings. DISPERSPECTIVE dis-per-‘spek-tive (noun) a: incapacity to view things in their true relations due to lack of context, b: familiarity obscured through missing context or intentional inaccuracies in representation.

We know up from down, small from large, front from back, solid from atmospheric because of relative context. Without context we only have form and color. Stephen’s compositions are strangely familiar yet uncommon. His new paintings take on an abstract surreal quality because of a lack of context or a relative sense of scale causing “Disperspective”

Stephen’s new works makes the viewer stop and question. The rich color palettes are developed with a thoughtful eye making the series seem lighthearted. Once taken in with the familiar the viewer is challenged to figure out what is being seen. Botanical like forms float in unsettled atmospheric colored space. Interlocking geometric colored forms recede and advance in painterly clouds of color. Kladder’s paintings make the familiar unfamiliar by changing how we see what we see.

Disperspectives is on exhibit through December 9, 2014 at Castro Country Club, 4058 18th Street, San Francisco CA 94114, Telephone 415 552.6102

Stephen’s works of art can be viewed at

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