INSTUDIO Restyle                                            $1,000 per room with 2 Design Directors

New interior design doesn’t mean getting rid of everything that you own when you begin Refreshing Essentials:  Simply Transforming Your Living Environment.

RESTYLE is the ecologically and economically friendly way to develop a fresh new design direction by using your existing furnishings, art, lighting, accessories, floor coverings and textiles in a different context.

The Design Directors of INSTUDIO see your belongings as creative possibilities. The artistic principles of proportion, balance, color, texture and rhythm are utilized to make furniture plans and vignettes in any room feel new. Suggestions for new paint colors, textiles or additional furnishing are included on site during a RESTYLE.

RESTYLE works like this:  A flat fee of $1,000 is paid in advance for two Design Directors to each spend up to a total 4 project hours restyling one to three rooms depending on the size of the rooms and how fast a room is developed within the flat fee time allotment.

Contact INSTUDIO to set up a RESTYLE.  A signed agreement including Standard Terms and Conditions is required to begin a RESTYLE.